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Colour Charts

 Colour charts for walls- colours to choose from to repaint your walls

We provide some ideas from colour charts to paint your walls of your home or office.

Painting your home or office is firstly a personal choice, but it should be carefully considered to increase the value of your home or offices and can also affect the mood of the people frequenting the area.

Considerations when choosing from your paint colour chart for your home or office:

*What is the purpose of repainting?
– are you wanting to sell your property and enhancing the value, you might enjoy bright yellow, but rather choose a colour appealing to the masses when trying to resell.- is the repaint of the home of office for maintenance.
– new home / office building
– do you want to make the room fell bigger?

*Are there estates or body corporate requirements that you need to adhere to when repainting the outer walls, boundary walls?

*Do you want the home to blend into the environment or stand out

*Colour availability – professional paint contractors can show you a variety of options to choose from. With unique colours, paint mixing is available, but note that this is normally pricier than an off – the – shelf paint colour.

*Colour blending with other areas of the house-training

*Are you repainting indoors or outdoors

Tips when choosing a new wall paint or roof paint colour

Colours look different when covering a larger area, in different types of lighting

If you are choosing a colour which you are not sure what it looks like when covering a home,it might be easier to see a larger area of paint on the wall in the area you need painted. If you have previously used the colour, the contractor can find a matching colour.

Uniquely mixed paints normally come with a code. Ask for the code to ensure the same colour mix can be made the next time you need a touch up

According to an article in Businesstech, monochrome colours are more popular and trendy. the current wall and home trend is to paint walls in shades of brown, charcoal and grey.

They advantages of painting walls in a neutral colour with contrasting shades is that the full picture looks professional and eye-catching. Neutral colours make it easier to complement garden features, curtains and accessories.

White tends to show the dirt more than other colours

Beige and light browns are easy to maintain, calming with a rustic peaceful feel, while matching with any brickwork on the building.

Charcoals and grey shades give a clean look and fit in well with minimalistic theme.

It was noted that bright colours eg red and yellow tends to put off buyers, who prefer more neutral colours

Wall paint colours for indoors

Wall paint colour for bedrooms is according to age and taste of the person, but the rule of thumb is to keep the paint colour simple, and enhance the room with accessories.

Colours which are heavy on the eye are dark and strong eg darker blues, pinks, orange! And tend to not be popular should you need to resell the house.

Effect of wall colour:

Red and shades of red/maroon– encourages activity and movement, can tire the eye quickly, effective to use on pillars, borders of areas where you need to move people through eg fastfood takeaways walls.

Blue – calming, cool colour used in areas of business or as themes, better for borders. Can make a room feel smaller when used extensively, or in strong borders

Brown – Calming and warm colour

White / Creams– clean, minimal

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