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Recent bitumen repair projects


Refresh Coatings offers bitumen repair services in Johannesburg, repairing the existing rubberised bitumen which might be damaged or lifting.

Have you noticed wet marks on your ceiling, especially after a heavy rain?  Black, brown or green areas or perhaps dripping water. If you have a flat roof covered with a layer of ruberised bitumen, it might need repairing.

Below is a recent bitumen repair project with images showing rubberised bitumen repair done on a flat roof  as an example of  how we can help you.

Bitumen for roofs which has been layered on flat roofs as a waterproofing agent, can become cracked , worn and broken over many years of sun and rain, resulting in water -marks, roof damage, water going through the ceiling causing ceiling damage, and mould in areas which do not dry out completely, and seepage into the walls of the building.

Recent bitumen repair was done on this roof was done in Johannesburg.

bitumen repair stained 600   bitumen repair cracked 600

Old bitumen is cracked, joins of old bitumen are no longer waterproof and  have come apart and leaking causing roof and ceiling damage. 

bitumen old come apart

Bitumen compromised layers where water / moisture can go under the covering causing roof and ceiling damage.  Roof repairs to damaged and lifting bitumen are done using rubberised latex and membrane which is applied to the affected area.


bitumen sealing roof 800

Bitumen repairs were done on compromised bitumen, areas where the layers came apart.


bitumen sealing 800

Rubberised bitumen is applied over membranes around corners over broken and cracked old bitumen layers.


silver coating over bitumen 800

Two layers of aluminium paint coating over the rubberised bitumen after they have been coated with the rubberised latex. 


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