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Professional painting contractor, offering painting services in and around Johannesburg for buildings, roofs and boundary walls

Painting project focus:

  • Paint coatings for walls, both newly built or walls with an existing coat of paint. This includes painting the interior and exterior walls of the building.
  • Painting roofs
  • Painting trimwork and window sills 
  • Damp proofing of walls
  • Damp proofing of roofs (metal and tiled roofs)
  • Bitumen repair for roofs with existing bitumen

Why use a painting contractor:

Experience – We have over 15 years experience in being painting contractors. See our previous projects…

Expertise – As a professional painting contractor, we have accumulated a wealth of understanding and knowledge about painting, what works and what doesn’t, which paints to use and damp proofing techniques for walls and roofs. E.g. painting of walls might include a certain amount of plaster and wall repair, in the area being re-coated.

Evaluation – The walls or roof being painted are evaluated for high risk or vulnerable areas regarding rising damp, peeling plaster and rusted areas in the case of roofs. We do a thorough evaluation of the walls or roof being re-coated, defining the areas to be damp–proofed, re-plastered, or repaired before the area can be painted. In the case of bitumen repair, the existing bitumen is evaluated for cracks, lifting and leaking. Evaluation makes sure the area is correctly and properly treated. See our painting process..

Equipment – We have the painting equipment e.g. paint rollers, spray guns, brushes and pressure hoses for cleaning the walls or roof before painting begins.

End product – We are proud of the completed painting project, and believe we provide a quality end product. We have many clients who have come back with repeat business and new paint projects for us to do. See before and after our painting projects



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