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Damp proofing services

Damp proofing specialists for walls and roofs in and around Johannesburg.

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Damp in walls can seriously damage the durability of wall structure, ceilings creating reduced structural integrity. Other than damaging the funriture and household goods, damp also causes mould,  and can even lead to health issues in the long run.

As damp proofing specialists we use specific damp proofing paint materials specifically designed to be waterproof, as well as finding the problem causing damp in the first place.

For examples on damp proofing of roofs and walls:

Why do I need to damp proof my roof or walls

Damp is caused by water (moisture) and causes long term decay by reducing integrity in the plaster, allowing plaster to crack, paint to peel and mould or even fungi to start growing in the area.

Damp proofing or waterproofing is preventing moisture and unwanted  wet areas into the building space. Damp can affect building foundations as well as the walls, roofs.

Causes of damp can be leaking or running taps, constant moisture in the air such as rain, condensation or rising damp, damaged structures, insufficient water proofing of tiles and concrete which is porous.

When is the best time to damp proof walls and roofs?

Damp proofing is ideally done in the dry season, ie in Johannesburg between April and October is ideal, or before rainfall. Damp proofing needs to be done when the air and area are dry to be most effective, in between rainy spells.

How do I know if I have rising damp, or need damp proofing?

Damp on a ceiling – Damp patches will show in the ceiling or wall. Damp causes a dark ring which turns brown (darker). There might be drips or water marks on the wall or ceiling.

Damp on a wall – The wall plaster turns flaky and crumbly when damp

If there is any dark colouration on the wall or ceiling especially black or green, the area needs urgent help

How to cope with damp, leaks and damp

  • Remove the cause – if the geyser has burst, switch off the geyser electricity supply, and close the water supply using the stop tap or relevant supply.
  • For dripping taps and water leaks the cause needs to be fixed before damp proofing can begin
  • Remove and protect any items which might be affected e.g. furniture
  • Water proofing might include structural fixes which need to be evaluated by a damp proofing professional
  • If you have a roof with bitumen waterproofing, then the bitumen might need to be repaired

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