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Wall painting projects

Recent wall repair, damp proofing and wall painting done for a home in Johannesburg.

Address of recent painting project:
No.5 Meppen Rd, Gerdview, Germiston. Property owner: Juan de Villiers

wall repair before


The home shows paint crumbling and plaster needing repair. Repairs are carried out to plaster, old loose paint removed and cracks are filled before the wall painting process can begin.

wall repair after


Wall repair and coating completed. New coat of paint gives a fresh, clean and neat look, improves the value of the home.

repair wall   wall paint after

Rising damp in the wall causes damage to the bottom of the wall affecting the exterior wall paint. Repair includes wall damp proofing on the affected areas before painting process commences.


rising damp from moisture before

damp in wall after











rising damp in wall   damp repair and paint after

Before and after wall repair and paint: Rising damp caused by gutters and ineffective drainage, area damp proofed, repaired and painted.

painting trim work   paint trim work after

Before the trim work around the house was sanded and painted, compared to after the trim work has been painted.

Recent wall painting project Sunninghill Johannesburg: We recently painted the boundary walls, exterior walls  and window frames for a home.

Sunninghill home painting projects b Sunninghill home painting projects



For a quote on re-coating your home, damp proofing and wall painting please contact us for a free quote.

We do painting of interior and exterior walls for homes, businesses, commercial properties in Johannesburg.

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