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Refresh Coatings is a professional residential painting contractor in Johannesburg

We are experienced in the painting of single storey and multi-storey homes, working primarily in and around Johannesburg.

Painting process for residential properties:

  • We do a thorough evaluation of what is needed and liaise with the client regarding his/her needs
  • We do a quote
  • Paint project starts after required deposit is paid

Painting window sills and trim work

We do painting of window sills and trim work, please contact us for any queries and specifications

How long do paint projects for residential homes last?

Painting and damp proofing is according to the size of the project and what repairs are needed for the walls and roof. Internal paint projects can continue during rainy days, however external projects will be halted during those times as the painting will be ineffective.  image2

When is the best time to repaint my house?

Repainting your home, damp proofing wall maintenance can be done throughout the year. House painting should be done when the paint is flaky or peeling, plaster cracks show or the client would like to change a colour. While damp proofing is needed if there are any signs of damp in the walls or ceilings Roof painting should be done when the paint is faded, coming off or there is rust in the joint.

Is roof paint for homes the same as wall paint for homes?

Roof paint is designed to be more waterproof and withstand the sun and rain. Roof paint also needs to grip onto different types of material compared to wall paint, making it different in make-up to wall paint. Wall paints have a larger variety of colours, with different accents on gloss, matt, suede etc.

What colour should I paint my house walls or my house roof?

Colour is a subjective experience for your house. If you are trying to sell your home, neutral colours work best to cover more potential buyers. In some security areas, there are governing bodies which determine the colours allowed for exterior house walls and roofs. For more colours to browse through or information abut how to choose a colour, click here to go to our Colour Chart page



Contact Refresh Coatings for a free quote on residential painting including interior and exterior walls, damp proofing walls and roof coatings.


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